Gwynedd League Rules

1 Title and Constitution

This amalgamation of clubs shall be called “The Gwynedd Football League” and shall constitute all clubs whom the Management Committee shall consider eligible, whose grounds are situated within the former county of Gwynedd. A club wishing to apply for membership of the league shall submit a written letter of application to the League Secretary not later than 30th April as requested by the Football Association of Wales pyramid guidelines. Clubs applying for promotion to the Gwynedd Football league must fully comply with the ground criteria for membership.

2. Government

The league shall be governed by a Management Committee of TEN neutral members who shall be appointed annually by the clubs attending the Annual General Meeting. The North Wales Coast Football Association (NWCFA) shall appoint one representative on the Management Committee of the league, with power to vote on all matters.

3. Officers

The following officers shall be appointed annually by the clubs attending the Annual Meeting, viz: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Registration Secretary, all of whom shall be members of the Committee in addition to the those mentioned in rule 2. The Annual General Meeting may also elect a Patron, President and not more than five Vice-Presidents, who shall be considered members of the Management Committee and have full voting powers. Any vacancies arising shall be filled by the Management Committee.

4. Life members

Officers and members of the League Management Committee who have rendered extra-meritorious service to the Gwynedd Football League may be elected life members at the Annual General Meeting.

5. Auditors

An auditor (or one accountant in public practice) shall be appointed by the Annual General Meeting who shall be responsible for the due audit of accounts annually for presentation to each club at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

6. Subscriptions and guarantee

Clubs shall pay an annual subscription as determined by the Management Committee and also a sum of £25, the latter being by way of a deposit or guarantee that the club will duly perform and keep its full obligation to the league in accordance with the rules in force.

All deposits shall be placed to the credit of each club, in a deposit account. All other monies received by the officers of the league shall be placed to the league’s credit at a bank selected by the Management Committee and in the name of the league. Withdrawals on behalf of the league shall only be made by cheque on the signature of any two of the following: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary for the time being, who shall be the trustees for and on behalf of the committee and league of all assets, cups, monies and other property which may hereafter come into the possession of the league.

7. Objectionable conduct of clubs

At the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, it shall be competent for a majority of the delegates present and voting thereat to exclude from membership any club whose conduct has, in their opinion, been objectionable. Before this rule can operate, all objections shall be first communicated to in writing to the Hon. General Secretary, who must relay such evidence to the Management Committee as they shall consider necessary to prove (or otherwise) that a prima facie case has been made out. Voting shall be by a ballot and the club whose conduct is under consideration shall not be entitled to vote.

8. Jurisdiction of Management Committee

The Management Committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters whether specially provided for in these rules or not. Seven shall form a quorum.

They shall have powers to appoint any sub-committee they may consider necessary, and may delegate all or any of their powers to any such sub-committee, but such delegation shall be duly expressed by Minute. A quorum of any sub-committee shall be two-thirds of its members unless otherwise ordered. Any infringement of the league rules shall be dealt with in such manner as the Management Committee shall think fit. In the event of voting at any meeting of the Management Committee being equal, the Chairman of such meeting shall have a casting or second vote, and this shall also apply to voting at any sub-committees meeting.

9.1 Meetings

The Management Committee shall meet at a time when they shall consider it necessary.
No resolution shall be rescinded at the meeting at which it is passed unless the motion to rescind shall be carried by two-thirds of those members present at the meeting and voting therefore. Meetings shall be held at such place as the Management Committee shall decide or in the case of a sub-committee, where such a sub-committee shall decide.

Minutes of the Management Committee meetings, or extracts there from, are issued for information and intended as a notification to the recipient of any matters applicable to the club or individuals named therein, and no further notification need be sent.

10. Full strength of club to be played

Each club must play its full strength team in all League and Cup matches, or be dealt with by the Management Committee in accordance with League Rule 31.

11.1 Fixtures

All matches shall be arranged on a system to be decided upon by the Hon. General Secretary and shall be arranged so as not to clash with the conference dates of the FAW Cups, NWCFA Cups and the Welsh Premier League and Cup fixtures.

Kick off times for matches throughout the season shall be determined by the Management Committee.
Any club failing to keep its engagement without giving a reason deemed to be satisfactory by the Management Committee may have three points deducted and shall be fined a sum not exceeding £100.

Kick off times shall be as follows:
August, September, October 2.30 pm
November, December, January, February 2.00 pm
March, April, May 2.30 pm

Cup matches will kick off 30 minutes earlier than the advertised league matches in order to accommodate extra time and penalties should they be required.

Disappointed clubs may be awarded such compensation, as the Management Committee may deem reasonable.

Clubs requesting a free date must do so to the Hon. Secretary of the League 28 days prior to the date, in writing.

The secretary of the HOME club shall give notice in writing, by telephone, by fax or by e-mail of full particulars of situation of ground, colours and time of kick-off to the referee and secretary of the visiting club at least three clear days prior to the playing of the match.

12. Champion club

At the end of each season’s competition, the club scoring the largest number of points shall be declared the champion club of the league, three points being awarded for each game won, and one point for each game drawn. Should two or more clubs be equal on points the club having the best goal difference shall be the winners. In the event of the goals difference being equal, the clubs shall play off upon neutral ground, the gate money being equally divided among the competing clubs and the League Management Committee.

13.1 Qualification of players

Duplicated or photocopied forms will not be accepted for the purpose of registering players

13.2 Registration period

All registrations for a club playing at Recreational level (i.e. below Directly Affiliated Leagues) shall be from August 1st until the last Thursday in March inclusive.


A player fifteen years of age at the commencement of the season is not permitted to register for a senior club until he has obtained the age of 16 in accordance with the criteria as currently determined by the Football Association of Wales.


Any club playing an ineligible player or players may have three points deducted from their record and be liable to a fine not exceeding £100, and/or otherwise dealt with by the Management Committee.
The Management Committee may at its discretion order a match to be replayed.


A player without a written contract may not be placed on the “open to transfer” list and no sum shall be paid or received by a club for the transfer of any such player unless he signs a written contract.


All players must be contract or non-contract players. The Football Association of Wales rules will apply to the signing and transfer of contract players, they will be registered on Form J of the Football Association of Wales and Transfers of the said player will be on Form L.

Whether registered for a club which plays in a league at National Level or which plays in a league at Recreational Level, a player not holding a written contract with their club may only be registered for one club at a time PROVIDED THAT this shall not prevent:

13.6.1 (1)
A youth player being registered with separate clubs to play youth and adult football in circumstances permitted in Rule 13.1 (see above): or

13.6.1 (2)
A player also being registered with another club which is not a member and which only plays Association Football on a Sunday.

13.6.1 (3)
Whether registered for a club which is a member of a league playing at National Level or a league playing at Recreational Level, a player may be registered for maximum of three (3) clubs during the period 1st July to 30th June of the following year and during such period the player will only be eligible to play for two (2) clubs PROVIDED THAT if a player registers for a second club pursuant to the exceptions permitted in Rules 13.6.1(1) or 13.6.1(2) in either case such second registration shall not count towards the total three (3) registered clubs and playing for such second club shall not count towards the total of playing for two (2) clubs.

13.6.2 Types of Registrations Forms applicable:

J1 Contract Registration for FAW
J2 Transfer of registration of a non-contract player between clubs in different Leagues
J3 Non-contract player registration form
J4 Transfer of registration of a player between clubs in the same League
J5 Contract registration for League

The J2 form is compulsory for all leagues within Wales.


There shall be no requirement for a cancellation of a player’s registration, as in future a player must be transferred to a new club at all times.
The registration and transfer of non-contract players will be on forms supplied by the League at a cost of £1 per form, the registration of all players will be valid for one season only.


A bona-fide player of a club is one who has signed the appropriate League Registration form and who has been registered and approved by the League before 5.00 pm on the day immediately preceding the game.

Facsimile registrations are permitted in order to comply with 5.00 pm deadline.
The actual registration / transfer form must then be submitted by the first available post.

It is the responsibility of each club at all times to ensure that players have been properly registered with the Hon. Registration Secretary prior to playing in any arranged fixture subject to the League’s Rules.

The League Management Committee has the power to refuse and cancel the registration of any player found guilty of undesirable conduct and to disqualify the player in question from participating in any or all games in the League.

No emergency registration endorsed by the referee prior to a game will be allowed.


Should any club wish to register a player where International Clearance is necessary, then that International Clearance must be obtained by the club concerned before the registration is offered to the League for processing. All clubs must familiarise themselves with the FAW regulations regarding International Clearance. A copy of the International Transfer Certificate must be forwarded with the Registration form to the Hon. Registration Secretary of the Gwynedd League once it has been received from the FAW


In the event of a player signing registration forms for more than one club in the League, priority of registration shall be the deciding factor.
The club submitting the latter form shall be notified of the fact and the matter shall be investigated by the Management Committee.

Any player found to have wilfully signed registration forms for more than one club in the League or club found to have knowingly induced a registered player of another club to sign a registration form, shall be dealt with by the Management Committee in such a manner as it shall think fit.


Permission for the transfer of any player must be obtained from the club holding the player’s registration on the authorised forms, such transfer to be valid when the certification of transfer is received by the club requesting the transfer.
All transfer forms must be completed by the club holding the player’s registration within 48 hours of receipt of application for such transfer.
The appropriate fee shall be payable to the League, and must accompany the transfer request.
Football Association of Wales Form J2 must be used at all times when transferring players from all other Leagues.


All clubs to note FAW Rule, item H, on contracts and transfers

A player who does not hold a written contract with his club shall not be approached, except during the period of “Close Season”, by any club or person attempting to induce such player to play for another club or clubs without at least seven (7) days notice in writing to the Secretary of the Club for which the player was last known to have played. The negotiations with the player must cease at the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the day of such notice being given. A copy of any notification shall also be sent to the League’s Hon. Registration Secretary. The notice must be forwarded by recorded delivery, registered post or a written acknowledgment otherwise obtained. A second notice shall not be given by the same club in respect of the same player during the same football season.

The approaching club or person shall not give notice of intention to approach more than one player of a club at the same time and shall not give notice of intention to approach another player of the same club within twenty-eight (28) days of a prior notice.
Except with the written consent of the club a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days notice is necessary if the first approach is made by the player, but this consent shall not be unreasonably withheld where circumstances of a special character exist, e.g. change of residence or non selection for any team of the club for three consecutive weeks.

Any member club or agent of such club being proved guilty of irregularly approaching a player already registered shall be dealt with by the Management Committee


No player will be permitted to transfer to another club within the League until a period of 28 days has elapsed from the registration date


After the last Thursday in March of each season, registrations and transfers will not be permitted.
Registration & Transfer Fees
1. All Non-contract Registrations £1 per FAW registration form
2. Contract Registrations (issued by FAW only) £5 per Contract Registration
3. Internal Transfers £5 per transfer
4. External Transfers (processed by the FAW) £10 per transfer


A club may at its discretion use three substitute players at any time except to replace a player who has been suspended from the game by the referee. Clubs may nominate five substitute players but only three shall be permitted to participate in the match.
Substitutions can only be made when play has been stopped for any reason and the referee has given permission. The name(s) and number(s) of the substitutes must be nominated to the referee and agree with team sheets and team lists submitted to opponents and the referee.


No player having taken part in matches for a club shall be allowed to join another club without first satisfying the officials of his existing club and intended club that he has discharged his reasonable financial and other liability to the club or clubs for which he is, or was, a playing member. It is the responsibility of the existing club to maintain records, mutually confirmed by club and player, outlining any such liabilities.


Any club or players offering or receiving any inducement to, or for, another club to win, draw or lose a match shall be guilty of misconduct and may be dealt with as the Management Committee shall decide.

14.1 Duration of matches

All matches shall be played under the laws of the game as settled by the Football Association of Wales, and shall be of 90 minutes duration. Clubs shall not mutually agree to play any match in lieu of a league match. Any match not completed may be ordered to stand as a completed match or replayed for the full period of 90 minutes as the Management Committee may direct.

It is expected that all home clubs will provide such half-time refreshments as is usual to the visiting team.

14.2 Unfinished matches

In the event of a match not being played to a finish owing to weather or other causes over which neither club has control, and such uncompleted match is ordered to be replayed under rule 20, the League Management Committee shall decide how the expenses of the replayed match are to be shared.
In the event of play being stopped because of the weather, the referee must wait a reasonable length of time (max. 30 minutes) before deciding on abandonment.

14.3 Postponed matches

Postponed matches must be sanctioned by the Hon. General Secretary and under such terms as the Management Committee shall decide.

15.1 Referees

Only properly registered and qualified referees shall be appointed. Referees failing to fulfil their appointed fixtures shall be fined the equivalent of their respective fees unless a satisfactory explanation is received. Referees must also forward to the League Secretary upon a form which will be supplied by the home club, the result of the match together with any cautions or expulsions issued, within four days of the match.

15.2 Team Lists

In all League matches the referee shall receive from the respective club representatives 30 minutes before the appointed kick-off time, the full names of the players in their respective teams. Any club failing to produce the team list upon the form supplied or failing to adhere to this rule shall be fined the sum of £10. Referees must retain the team lists of both clubs and forward to the League Secretary.

15.3 Referees’ fees

The home club shall pay the referee (and assistant referees when appointed) a fee and travelling expenses according to a scale approved by the NWCFA. The fee shall be paid to the referee immediately after the match in his own dressing room.

Any club found guilty of paying a referee more than the scale fees shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and shall be dealt with as the Management Committee shall decide. The referee found accepting such enhanced fees shall also be dealt with for serious misconduct and be debarred from future appointments, fined and otherwise dealt with as the Management Committee shall decide.

15.4 Fitness of ground

The referee shall have power to decide as to the fitness of the ground for play, and each club must take every precaution to keep its ground in a playing condition. If necessary the home club may require a registered referee to visit the ground for the purpose of making the necessary inspection at least three hours before the advertised time of kick-off. Should the referee, after due inspection, be of the opinion that the ground will not be in a fit condition to play upon, he must forward a written report to the League Secretary immediately he has completed his inspection. The home club official shall immediately contact the League Secretary before communicating the same to the visiting club, if possible in time to prevent their travelling or, failing which, immediately the visiting team arrives at the dressing room.

Should the home club, in very exceptional circumstances, be unable to obtain the services of a registered referee, the sanction of the League Secretary must be received before a club is empowered to postpone the match.

Should the home club’s ground not be private and the ground is declared unfit by the landlord’s groundsman, the home club shall be responsible for ensuring that a written report be forwarded to the League Secretary, within three days after this inspection has taken place.

15.5 Late starts, referee reports

The referee shall, within four days, forward a report to the League Secretary of any match which has been postponed or abandoned (for whatever cause), late starts, late arrival of any official or player, or a team commencing a game without eleven players on the field. The referee must inform an official representative of a defaulting club before the start of the match that he is reporting a late start.

Clubs held responsible for causing a late start, whether the match is completed or not, shall be liable to a fine of £1 per minute. The referee shall also forward a copy to the League Secretary of any report he may have to make to the Secretary of the NWCFA in the case of misconduct of players, officials or spectators, etc. and must in all cases forward the result of the match to the League Secretary on the day of the match.

In all cases where players are ordered off by a referee or where the referee makes a special report on the misconduct of spectators, then the assistant referee, if neutral and appointed by the League Management Committee, shall supplement his report by one of their own and forward it to the League Secretary and NWCFA on the same day as the match was played.

15.6 Referee causing late start

Referees who are the cause of a late start may be subject to a fine of £1 per minute, unless the Management Committee after considering all the evidence, are satisfied the delay was unavoidable.

15.7 Referee’s fee in abandoned matches

The home club will be responsible for the referee’s travelling expenses plus half-fee according to scale approved by the NWCFA, where the match was postponed or abandoned after he had duly inspected the ground as in rule 25, but where the match is abandoned for any other reason then the whole fee is payable, subject to the decision of the League Management Committee.

15.8 Eligibility of match officials

No member of the Management Committee shall be appointed to officiate as referee or assistant referee in any match, nor shall the referee or assistant referee be a past or present member of either of the competing clubs.

16 Result of matches

Each club shall forward to the League Secretary upon a form which will be supplied therefore, the result of the match, together with the full names and registration or transfer number of their players competing therein, within four days of the match. Where no registration or transfer number has been allocated to a player by the Registration Secretary the full name and address must be shown.

Any club failing to complete such report where required shall be fined the sum of £10. Failing such report, each defaulting club shall be fined the sum of £20 and a further £10 for every seven days the form is outstanding.

Any club found guilty of submitting an incorrect team sheet will be liable to a fine not exceeding the sum of £50.

The home club is required to phone in the result of their match on the day (before 5.15 pm for a Saturday match and before 9.30 pm for a mid-week match), failure to do so will result in the guilty club being fined the sum of £10.

17.1 Charges, Protests, Appeals, Claims and Complaints

All protests, appeals, claims and complaints must be sent to the League Secretary and accompanied by a fee of £25, which shall be forfeited in the event of a protest, appeal, claim or complaint not being upheld.

All such matters relating to a particular match must be lodged with the League Secretary within THREE days of the match (excluding Sundays & Bank Holidays).


All questions regarding eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of the Rules of the League shall be decided by the Management Committee, but no objection relative to the dimensions of the ground, goalposts, crossbars or other appurtenances of the game shall be entered into unless a written protest is lodged with the referee before the commencement of the game.


Where there is evidence of a breach of the League’s rules by a club or players, the League will investigate the matter, and when considered appropriate prefer a charge of an alleged breach of the rule against the club or player(s) concerned


The League will appoint a panel consisting of THREE persons, one of which shall be appointed as Chairman of the Panel, elected from members of the Management Committee (excluding the League Secretary) to consider all protests, appeals, claims or complaints lodged by a club or player(s) as well as charges preferred by the League of an alleged breach of the rule.


Where a club or player elects to have a personal hearing, the appointed Panel will conduct its business in accordance with the provisions as set out in the North Wales Coast Football Association Memorandum on Procedures at Personal Hearing.


In the case of a protest, appeal, claim or complaint the Panel shall have the power to grant or deny the protest, appeal, claim or complaint (in whole or in part) as well as the power to order any such penalty or sanction as the panel shall reasonably deem fit.


In the case of a charge of an alleged breach of the League Rules being found proven, the Panel shall have the power to order any such penalty or sanction as the Panel shall deem reasonably fit.


In all matters, the Panel shall have the discretion to impose a costs order against any of the parties involved.

17.9 Appeal

If dissatisfied with any decision given by the Management Committee or a Sub-Committee or Panel appointed by the Management Committee, a club or player shall have the right of appeal to the North Wales Coast Football Association.
Any such appeal must be lodged within TEN (10) days as of the earlier
(a) the decision being announced at the time of the hearing / meeting, or
(b) the date of the correspondence containing the decision.
All appeals must be accompanied by the appropriate fee as set out by the NWCFA, and made payable to NWCFA.

18 Response

A member club or player ordered by the League to provide a written response to a charge preferred by the League, or a protest, appeal, claim or complaint lodged with the League by a club or player, must do so within TEN days of the date of the letter from the League requesting the written response. Such written response must stipulate whether or not the club require a personal hearing. Should a club or player fail to provide a written response within the stipulated ten days, they will be deemed to have denied the charge of misconduct or allegations contained in the protest, appeal, claim or complaint lodged and the League will take the required steps to convene a hearing at which the club or player will be required to attend.

19.1 Alteration of rules

No alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except at the Annual Meeting or such adjournment thereof, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. No special meeting shall be convened unless a requisition is received, signed by not less than two-thirds of the clubs in membership, and such requisition shall contain the full nature of any suggested alteration or amendment to the rule or rules contemplated. Upon receipt of any requisition under this rule the Secretary shall call the necessary Special Meeting by giving each club in membership at least seven days’ notice of the time and place of such meeting, and such notice shall fully describe the nature of any alteration or amendment to the rule or rules, and no deviation there from shall be allowed at the meeting. Before any alteration or amendment to the rule or rules under discussion shall be declared carried, at least two-thirds of those present at the meeting entitled to vote shall record their vote for such alteration or amendment.

The same proceedings shall apply to the Annual General Meeting, save that all suggested alterations must reach the League Secretary on or before the 31st March in each year.

19.2 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the League shall be held during the months of June or July for the purpose of receiving the Treasurer’s statement of accounts, consideration of such amendments of the rules may have been properly notified in accordance with rule 34, the election of Officers and Management Committee in accord with rules 2 and 3 and such other business which the Management Committee consider it competent under the rules to transact; but all business to be brought before the meeting shall appear upon the Agenda circulated to the clubs and in no circumstances shall any business not so notified be transacted.

20. Club Colours

Each club in the league shall register its colours with the Secretary. When clubs having registered the same, or nearly the same colours, meet in their fixtures, the home team shall for that match adopt entirely different and distinctive colours from that of the visiting club. All goalkeepers shall play in blue, red, yellow or white colours or such other colour as will be distinct from those of the competing teams. No player including the goalkeeper shall wear black.

21.1 Annual statement of accounts

The Annual Report and Balance Sheet, duly audited, shall be forwarded to each club at least seven days before the date of the Annual Meeting. A copy of such balance sheet shall be forwarded within seven days after the Annual Meeting, to the Secretaries of the FA of Wales and the North Wales Coast FA.

21.2 Payment of accounts

Prior to payment, all due accounts shall be passed by the officers and a detailed account submitted to the next available meeting of the Management Committee of all such payments.

22. Admission to grounds to members of Management Committee

All members and officials of the Management Committee shall have free access to any part of the ground during any League or League Cup game on production of proof of membership satisfactory to the home club.

23. Players selected for representative matches

Any player selected to play in any inter-league match or other match arranged by the Management Committee and failing or refusing to play, shall in the absence of a good and sufficient cause be judged guilty of misconduct, and any club which shall be found to have encouraged or instigated such conduct on the part of a player shall also be deemed guilty of misconduct.

Any club supplying two or more players for a representative match shall on application to the League Secretary be granted an open date on the day of the match.

A representative match is one defined as being under the auspices of the Football Association of Wales, NWCFA, Welsh Premier League or Welsh Schools FA.

No player under suspension shall be selected to represent the League.

24. Guarantee for safe custody of league trophies

A guarantee for the safe custody of any cup or shield won by a club shall be given by the club winning the same and such guarantee shall be a personal one of such members of the club’s committee as shall be in office at the time the cup was won. In the event of such guarantee not having been given, then such shall be implied under these rules as being binding against such committee members, in the following amounts for loss or damage to such cup or shield. For total loss: £500; for damage to the same, such amount as will thoroughly repair and make good such damage. Clubs are strictly prohibited from placing any inscription upon the cup or shield they may hold, under a very severe penalty assessed under the foregoing rule, or the sum of £100, whichever the Management Committee may decide.

All trophies belonging to the League must be returned to the League Secretary by not later than the 1st March in every year

25. Mementos

The League Champions and runners-up will be presented with 18 mementos each from the funds of the league.

26. Resignations

Clubs intending to resign from the League must do so in writing on or before 21st May in each year. All claims against the league by any club must be submitted in detail before 21st May, in each year, similarly, by any club against any other club in the league through the League Secretary.

27. Grounds

Clubs seeking membership shall have their grounds inspected by the Management Committee. Each club accepted into membership of the league must have its registered league ground available for matches at all times, those matches being next in order of precedence to the competitions under the auspices of the FA of Wales, the NWCFA and the Welsh Premier League.

The grounds of all league clubs may be inspected at any time by order of the Management Committee, and they may also order such improvements to the ground as they may consider necessary, such being within the just means of the clubs concerned. Any club failing to maintain the necessary standard may be excluded at the end of the season.

The HOME club must ensure that its changing rooms are available to the visiting team and match officials at least 45 minutes before the appointed kick-off time.

28. Insurance

Every club must ensure that it has insurance cover for their players. The league shall reserve the right to check on the policies of clubs at random. Clubs must submit a copy of their insurance policy to the League Secretary along with their affiliation form at the start of the season.

If an insurance policy is due for renewal at any other time, then the club must submit a copy of the renewed insurance policy within seven days of having received their new policy.

29. Club minutes and account records

Each club in membership shall keep minutes giving a true record of all resolutions adopted by its members and decisions arrived at by the Club Committee, and shall also keep account records showing in detail the items of income and expenditure.

The League Management Committee shall have powers to call at any time, provided 48 hours notice is given, upon a club to produce before the committee, any books, letters, documents or any other material evidence the committee may require to examine.

30. Failure to pay fines and reply to correspondence

Any club, which is fined for breach of rules, must pay the said fine within a period of TEN days from the date of the letter informing them of the fine. A club failing to reply to written correspondence from the League Management Committee within TEN days will be fined the sum of £20.

31. Infringement of league rules

Any infringement to the league rules shall, where no specific penalty is named, be dealt with as the Management Committee shall decide.

32. N.W.C.F.A Child Protection

a. To comply with the statutory requirement of the Children Act 1989, clubs which include a player(s) under 18 years of age in its team must ensure that the TEAM Manager, Coaches and First Aid staff and/or other members of the club who are frequently in close proximity of such players on a sporting basis must be:

i) vetted under the Criminal Records Bureau AND

ii) registered with the Child Welfare Officer of the League

Clubs musts comply with the relevant rules of the NWCFA regarding Child Protection. The League’s Child Protection Officer shall work closely with the League Clubs and the NWCFA to ensure compliance with the Act. Clubs are reminded that in law, a person who is 17 years and 364 days old is a YOUNG PERSON.

b. Team managers and Coaches must attend the relevant course and hold at least the FAW level 1 Coaching certificate prior to the commencement of each season, a copy of the certificate of which must be submitted to the Child Protection Officer of the League, including Criminal records Bureau Disclosure certificate number and issue date, copies of First Aid certificates and copies of Welfare and Child Protectio

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